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Why ICICI Lombard?


Top Insurer

One of the leading insurers of liability in Indian insurance industry.


Served 35000+

Insuring more than 35,000 medical practitioners annually across the country and growing.


Legal Counsel Services support in case of claims

We indemnify insured against the legal liability to pay compensation including defence costs, fees and expenses anywhere in India in accordance with Indian law.


Claim Settlements

Customers can also avail out of court settlement of claims (i.e. One need not go to court to settle their claim)


Retroactive Cover

Protects you against claims arising from cases practised in the past years of practice (subject to continuity of cover with any insurance company, lower of the SI and narrower of the coverage).


All types of medical specialisation

Policy can be issued to any individual (age 18+), having valid doctor registration from multiple specialization (except pure cosmetics / beautification procedures).

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance
for Doctor's?

Professional Indemnity insurance from ICICI Lombard General insurance is designed to help you legally and financially if you ever make a professional mistake with your patients. It also helps to protect you against claims that are not your fault and will cover the below mentioned expenses /allegations :

Cover Your Legal fees and court awarded damages or settlement compensation to be paid against claims arising out of:

  • Medical malpractice allegations / legal suits (Errors & Omissions in practice)
  • Breach of confidentiality allegations
  • Loss of third party documents (cost of reinstatement of documents)
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors in India
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors Online

Who needs it?

  • If you are a medical graduate working as a resident doctor
  • If you are a practising medical professional
  • If you are a specialist in your specialised field, you need it more.
  • Whether you are working with a Hospital or have one of your own practice.

Why do you need it?

You may be a newly graduated professional or an experienced medical specialist or surgeon. It may not be an error but you may still be alleged, or you might have acted as a Good Samaritan.

Being a professional you may be held liable. Our insurance product is your protection against all such odds in case of your negligence or against any allegation related to your professional services. It will cover litigation expenses when lawsuits arise. It will pay settlements and awards whenever applicable.


Get answers to common questions about
Professional Indemnity for Doctor's cover

Get answers to common questions about Professional Indemnity for Doctor's cover

What is professional negligence?

Error, omission or an un-intentional negligence by a medical practitioner during diagnosis or treatment of the patient, which results in bodily injury, illness, sickness, adversities or death of the patient.
Professional Indemnity for Medical Practitioner is an insurance policy which covers Doctors for legal fees incurred and damages paid (If awarded by the court) for claims or demands raised by third parties (patients or their kin) alleging professional negligence. This Policy will also cover Legal Liability arising against them because of their staff.
Sum assured is referred to the limit of Indemnity. This limit is fixed per accident and per policy period which is called Any One Accident (AOA) limit and Any One Year (AOY) limit respectively and will be offered and reccomended as Ratio 1:1 only. Sum insured is mostly dependent on factors related Doctor Specialisation and city /type of customer’s doctor is offering services to. Limit of Liability can be from INR 500,000 to INR 50,000,000. Insured need to select and finalise the sum insured he is willing to opt for.
Both these Policies are totally different, Public liability policy are Premises Specific risk and and cover third party bodily injury /Property damage claims arising out of accidents and/or incidents emanating from the insured premises, from their business Operations. However Professional Indemnity is not specific to risk location and will cover claim arising due to Error, omission or negligence in treatment given by medical practitioner which results in bodily injury or death of the patient. Public liability Policy will exclude claims pertaining to Professional negligence.
Any qualified medical practitioner (such as Physician, Surgeon, Radiologist, Dentist, Anaesthetists, Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, etc.) who is rendering services to patients can consider to buy this policy.

What does the policy cover?

Our Professional Indemnity for Medical Practitioner Policy protects you against:

  • Legal liability including defence costs (costs, fees, expenses) incurred while investigation,
  • cost of representation,
  • compensation for Claims arising out of bodily injury or death caused by error,
  • omission,
  • negligence while rendering the professional services.
  • Punitive & Exemplary Damages
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Pure Financial Losses
  • Any Criminal Act, Violation of any law / ordinance
  • Services while under influence of intoxicants / Narcotics
  • Liability arising out of Pure Cosmesis procedures

What is the limit of indemnity applicable under the policy?

No, policy start date will be as payment date in our banking records.
Eligibility - Any individual who holds a qualification to practice the respective medical specialisation can apply for this policy who is having license to practice in India.
For a patient, his doctor is someone who promises good health by putting him on the right fitness condition when a medical emergency lands. Unfortunately, human error cannot be eliminated and doctors are exposed to the risk of claims from clients who have suffered loss due to neglect, error or omission. In today’s litigious world, claims can pose a significant threat to the financial security for a medical practitioner.
In India, this policy is not compulsory but it is highly recommended to have this policy which acts as a safety net if legal liability arises on you.
The Limit of Indemnity (Sum insured) can be decided according to your medical specialisation and type of customer’s segment doctor is offering services to.
Duration of the policy is one year i.e. 12 months, which needs to be renewed every year for continuous risk cover.

What is the claims process for indemnity applicable under the policy?

Our Professional Indemnity for Medical Practitioner Policy protects you against:
Claim Information:
On mail
LOR Request:
List of requirements to be share by the sales team
Submission of internal reports:
To be submitted by insured
Investigation Reports:
Final claim amount to be shared with final investigation report
Seeking Documents:
DV to be signed by insured
Payment of claim amount
  • Violation of any laws, rules and regulations
  • Performing services under influence of alcohol or toxic substances
  • Claims reported in current policy but arising out of procedures or treatments performed before retroactive date
  • Non-disclosure of any material facts like claims history
  • Proven intentional negligence
Insured should immediately lodge a claim once he is receipt of complaint, written demand or a legal notice from a third party (patient or their kin, or any other third party) related to their Professional negligence with their insurance company.
Product Name: Professional Indemnity Policy for Doctors and Medical Practitioners Product UIN: IRDAN115RP0008V01200203