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What is GPA?

A Group personal Accident Product coverage offers financial protection of human life against risk of accidental death and disability. The Policy pays to the Insured, if any of the Insured Persons sustain any bodily injury resulting solely and directly from accident, caused by external, violent and visible means, to the extent of the coverage and benefit option.


Who needs GPA?

Accidental Death and Disability benefits are core benefits available in the policy for any group. By group, it means group of people in form of Employer-employee relation or any other purpose like School-Students, Club or society members, Seller and customers etc. Only thing is there has to be some existing relationship between the policy holder and the members.

  • Any organization for financial security for members
  • School/education institutions for students
  • Associations/Housing societies/Clubs for members
  • Seller taking policy for customers

Why ICICI Lombard?


One of the oldest private insurers writing this product risk. There is established trust of clients


Claims servicing best in the industry segment


We provide cashless facility under GPA product for accidental Hospitalization coverage (Optional)


We have paperless claim settlement facility for fatal claims – web-link has online facility for claims submission with live tracking of cases


We offer complete family coverage option for employer-employee construct policies

Why do you need GPA?

To protect life risk of members enrolled against unforeseen accidental events. Human life is priceless, loss because of an event of accidental death or disability can never be covered. What can be done is to protect the family from the sudden and unexpected financial burden and help them in absence of the member. This cover is therefore important to make the members feel secured about the dependents in their absence and also for their own safety against any financial risk due to loss due to any kind of accidental disability.


What is covered by Group Personal Accident

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total disability & Permanent Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Medical expenses incurred because of accident
  • There are multiple add-ons such as Child education grant, Loss of job protection, Hospitalization and OPD expenses for injury, etc
  • Suicide, attempt to suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury
  • Being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxication or hallucinogens
  • War, Nuclear Hazard
  • High risk adventurous activities like parachuting, skydiving etc.

Get answers to common questions about Group Personal Accident

This covers Personal Accident insurance risk for all the employees of the organization. Personal Accident Insurance is one of the core and basic covers employers do consider as part of the employee benefit programs. Given small ticket premium and good risk covers, this product is one of the first employers wish to have for the employees.

Risk coverage for accidental death and disability. There are also multiple optional benefits one can choose from.

Since this is mostly non-contributory, individuals may not have tax benefits.

Health policy does not cover Accidental Death or disability risk which is covered in Group Personal Accident policy. Group Term Life or Life insurance policy does cover comprehensive life risk but the premium for higher sum insured will be too high as all kinds of risk – Disease, Accident are covered. By taking Group Personal Accident insurance, premium can be substantially low and a higher risk coverage can be opted.

Yes family can be covered if opted for this cover with separate premium paid. Each life covered has separate independent sum insured.

Yes any injury except specific standard exclusions such as War, Alcoholism, Breach of law etc.

Accidental Death, Disability and other associated expenses viz., ambulance, Hospitalization expenses, OPD cover, Loss of job cover etc.

For Accidental Death and permanent Disability benefit cover, coverage is by default world-wide in GPA policy. For Accidental Hospitalization, OPD, medical expenses, coverage is within India only.

Premium depends on the risk profile of the group members, the Sum insured opted, Risk location, Past experience etc.

Loss of limb or Eye due to accident injury comes under Permanent Total Disability benefit. Any other minor loss – Example- Permanent loss of finger or thumb, falls under permanent Partial benefit. Further details available in policy wordings on ICICI Lombard website.

As per the sum insured opted in the policy.

Suicide, Alcohol, War, Nuclear Hazard, high risk adventurous activities like parachuting, skydiving etc.

There is web-link available on ICICI Lombard website for online submission of fatal claims. Documents can also directly be sent to official address given on the policy copy. Customer care can be contacted on 1800 2666 for further info.

Based on claim type for example – For Accidental Death – Death Certificate with cause of death, Police report /FIR with closure, post-mortem report, KYC for claimant and other documents as given in detail in policy wordings.

The details are indicative, please refer to detailed policy wording of the product available on ICICI Lombard website for detailed description.


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