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Risk Management

  • 37000 fire accidents take place in factories every year in India
  • 40% of business are not able to re-open after a disaster

What is Risk Management?

There is an increased realization across the spectrum for individuals and businesses on how unlikely scenarios can play out causing unprecedented disruption. These risks stem from a variety of sources including nature of operations, technology issues, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters and can have crippling effect on the business due to financial uncertainties, legal liabilities, etc. Risk management is a systematic approach to identify, assess and mitigate these risks.


Why ICICI Lombard’s Value-Added Services?

At ICICI Lombard, we have always believed that it is important to go beyond insurance and partner out clients in their risk management efforts. As an insurer, we need to work hand in hand with customers to develop best in class risk management and mitigation practices. Understanding of risk is fundamental to our business. Today, we have made it a key component of our decision-making process and identified ways to view the risk landscape qualitatively and quantitatively. We created a risk management cell that focuses on technical engagement with clients

Why customer should look into Risk management solutions?

icon Employee Safety

Effective safety and risk management initiatives boost productivity. Safe workplaces are efficient.

icon Customized Solutions

Customized solutions prepared by technical specialists for industries enable clients at the forefront of risk management.

icon Minimize Loss and Lower Carbon impacts

Risk management initiatives helps in optimal usage of resources, helps in industrial and non-industrial clients minimize loss of life and property by fixing leaks, inefficient processes, etc., supporting effective use of resources. Also, risk management suggestions help clients lower their carbon impact.

icon Solutions for MSME & SME

Risk management are also available for MSME & SME clients. Based on their individual demands and financial limits.

Solutions Provided by ICICI Lombard


Virtual Risk Assessment

Virtual risk assessment provides us global reach and access to skilled professionals for analysing risks. To make this concrete and scalable, we coupled video streaming with Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology. Our Risk Management cell works with customer decision-makers to execute recommendations.


Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA)

Effective safety and risk management initiatives boost productivity. We integrated harmonics investigations, power quality checks, energy efficiency solutions, vibration studies, etc. with conventional electrical and fire risk management for a data-oriented, ROI-based approach to risk management. Industry-specific difficulties enhance the framework.


Ultrasonic Leak Detection Services for Energy Saving, Fire Safety and Environmental Protection:

Ultrasonic Leak Detection identifies leaks in Compressed Air and specialty gas systems like Nitrogen, Oxygen, CNG, LPG, etc. The drill pinpoints the leak source. During the activity, loss amount and monitory loss are estimated. Rectifying these leaks might save the company money with minimal downtime, reduce the danger of fire, and safeguard the environment.


Temperature-Humidity monitoring

Various industries and applications rely on temperature and humidity control. Our IoT temperature and humidity sensors deliver precise, real-time readings


Electrical Risk Assessment

Electrical safety and thermography to cover important dangers. Specific dangers within a framework for secondary risks or locales.


Fire hydrant Online monitoring

Fire hydrant online monitoring devices use IoT to monitor fire hydrants and assure their availability in emergencies. We’ve helped multiple corporate customers maintain and monitor this important fire safety component in real time.

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